Wizam, the custom agile ERP on WEB interface

A complete and integrated software application for managing your quotes, orders, invoices, customers, suppliers, stocks, logistics, products.

Sales : Quotation, Order, Invoice

Manage online your sales process

Centralize the management of your orders, whether they come from your sales department or other platform type website or market place (Amazon, eBay, PriceMinister, Fnac, Trade Street, etc.)

Quote editor / offers simple or structured, with display of your inventory and forecast entry into stock.
Automatic bid bids, and analysis tool for quotes / offers in progress multi-criteria

Order management, in full or backorder delivery, management of delivery notes, multiple commercial assignment
Invoice and credit management
Multi-criteria statistical analysis tools with period comparator, and data export
Because you often have tools already, WIZAM allows you to connect to your existing systems to complete the missing features.
We already operate with the main systems of the market: CEGID, SAGE, ODOO, DOLIBARR, MICROSOFT DYNAMICS,
Wizam also allows EDI to interact with mass market players and specialized partners like @GP.

Customers: a complete integrated CRM solution

Centralize customer information, track interactions, analyze your results

Centralize the management of your customers / prospects, keep the information, and all the interactions (e-mails, calls, appointments, chat), categorize your customers and interactions, and analyze!

Coordinate management and other information
Follow-up and categorization of interactions (request, complaints) by support
Multi-criteria statistical analysis tools with period comparator, and data export
Connect to your other tools: Mailchimp, Botnation, Mailjet, Sending Blue

For more information, visit our CRM module

Purchasing: fast and efficient management of your suppliers, purchase orders, stocks

Analyze your rotations, validate purchases in time !

 Centralize the management of your stocks and allocations, manage your suppliers, automate your purchase and supply orders, analyze your rotations and the evolution of your purchases.

Creation of automatic controls
Rotation analysis tool by product, family / product category
Logistics tracking of supplies to facilitate FIFO management
Supplier portal to facilitate the management of product information
Quality Control for Process Management (ISO Certification)
Supplier statistics to simplify negotiations
Management of the cost of approach for the calculation of the cost price (PRMP, PUMP, etc)

WIZAM allows you to fully manage your incoming flows, or to connect to your existing systems either to facilitate links, or to complete missing features.

Add the link with different carriers: Morin Logistics, Denjean Logistics,

Easily manage technical, complex, multi-language product references.

Simplify the management of product data with WIZAM

Managing all the information is a titanic and yet indispensable task, especially for E-commerce. With WIZAM, you have a robust and complete PIM, perfectly adapted to your needs.

Custom management of technical information fields
Logistics Field Management
Time-stamped management of quality certification fields
Multi-language management of presentation fields
Automatic generation of data sheets, certificates of conformity, etc.
Centralization of publications by platform
Supplier portal with process control and data validation
Simple product creation, composite product (nomenclatures)

For more information, visit our PIM module

A solution for all needs!

No matter what tools you have, gain productivity with WIZAM

WIZAM plugs quickly and easily with your accounting software (SAGE, CEGID, EBP, CIEL), your E-commerce platforms (Prestashop, Magento), your market place.

WIZAM is also the tool you need, simply to become the central point of exchange of information between your different tools.

We analyze with you, your needs, and adapt the different modules to your activity.