A tool to plan your purchases, your supplies

By analyzing your sales and rotations, WIZAM automates your analysis tables and prepares your purchase orders

Simplify your purchases and supplies, with a simple and ergonomic solution

Finished products, components, nomenclature, rotations, seasonality, many parameters to take into account to optimize your stocks and your turnover

For simple or complex products, WIZAM makes it possible to manage all of your product information, then to make you the adapted renderings

Complete system, plug and play on all existing systems:
- Management of components and finished products
- Management of the nomenclatures / kits
- Follow-up of manufacturing / supply lead times by products / suppliers
- Management of outsourcing, and triggering assembly processes
- Sales analysis chart / customizable rotations
- Purchasing recommendations system, up to the automatic changeover of orders
- Logistic follow-up and traceability of elements, with timestamp of actions.
- Customizable multi-format export (Excel, CSV, Txt, XML, etc.)

Optimized inventory on one or more warehouses

Coupled with a WMS, WIZAM allows you to refine your inventory levels, and better inform your customers, to better track your suppliers

Simple products or assembly, on one or multiple warehouses, you optimize your stock levels, you follow your inputs and outputs, in FIFO, you are informed of your past and future supplier regulations.

Complete system, plug and play on all existing systems:
- Multi Warehouse Management
- Monitoring supplier regulations (associated with management software)
- Traceability of inputs / outputs
- Automatic transmission of arrivals information to your platforms
- Quality monitoring of suppliers
- Forecast rupture / rupture warning