The right information for the right decision

The Business Intelligence (BI) tool from WIZAM gives you visibility to steer your activity in a mass of information and data that are sometimes difficult to exploit.

Reveal the quality of your data

Make your information readable and visible, identify the data to optimize, this is the first mission of KPIs provided by WIZAM

In the growth phase and in search of performance, or simply in the framework of an ISO certification, the quality and the relevance of the data are essential points to adjust the management of the activity.
The ability to integrate WIZAM into your IS will quickly analyze and reveal missing data and / or improve.

Some basic KPIs:
- Quotation / Orders / Invoices / Number of calls, Mails, Visits, Baskets
> By period, by agents, by customers or group of customers, etc.
= Identify your commercial efficiency more quickly

- Assets, Returns, After Sales, Claims
> By products, by ADV, by customers or group of customers, by preparers or subcontractors, by suppliers
= Improve your quality of service, and the quality of your products

- Purchasing, Production, Stocks
> By products, by suppliers, by assembly line
= Improve your rotations and logistics efficiency

- Margins
> By products, product families, customers, etc.
= Integrate all your cost components for just and optimized margins

Take a step ahead

By supplementing your information with exogenous data, you enrich your information system (IS), and increase your analysis capabilities.

Big data makes it possible to agglomerate and process a mass of information, whether from your IS or collected outside it. BI WIZAM tools allow you to identify the most relevant information without drowning in the mass.
WIZAM allows you to easily cross data, then display intuitive and ergonomic graphs, easily interpretable, exportable to integrate them in reports and presentations, without having to go through a long and tedious job of excel exports and multiple crossing.

Of course, with WIZAM you create your dashboards to keep your KPIs constantly visible and up to date.