CRM (CRM) pragmatic, accessible, efficient!

With WIZAM, your prospects and customers feel valuable valued, your salespeople feel supported, your turnover is progressing.

Customers, Prospects, Contact: Memorize your interactions, exploit the data

Visible and accessible information, key indicators for quick action

E-mail, Chat, Phone, Form, Appointment: many points of contact and information that are key factors to develop your turnover.

Your activity requires special adjustments, WIZAM allows you to customize your CRM. Your customer relationship management is now based on your activity:
- Management of information fields
- Creation of categories / subcategories of contacts / customers / prospects
- Customization of coordinate fields
- Cascade of connection / grouping of contacts / customers / prospects
- Multi address management and address type: Delivery, Billing
- Management of commercial attachments
- Ergonomic multi-criteria search engine, with creation of groups / cohorts, static or dynamic
- Tag Management
- Customer portal for complete compatibility with the RGPD
- Customizable multi-format export (Excel, CSV, Txt, XML, etc.)
- Customer information API compatible with the main market players

Mails, Phone, Visits, Social networks: Centralize your interactions

A compilation of different data to better communicate with your customers and prospects

With each exchange, whatever the platform or the means used, WIZAM allows you to memorize the interaction and allows you to analyze your statistics to gain efficiency.

- Management of platforms / interactions
- Creation of visit forms / adapted appointments
- Connection to your existing tools such as Mailchimp
- Interconnection with your email platform (POP or IMAP): Gmail, Outlook, etc.
- Interconnection with your social networks: FB, Twitter, Insta, Hootsuite or Botnation
- Interconnection with your VOIP
- System of creation and sending of newsletters with tracking, via dedicated server

Ergonomic, graphical and comprehensive statistics analysis on all your customer data

Our consultants help you to define the best KPIs, and allow you an optimal exploitation of your statistics: accessible and simplified Business Intelligence.

Research tools and graphs to facilitate analysis and decision-making:
- N vs N-1 analysis
- Geographical Analysis
- Analysis by customer group
- Study of your acquisition and conversion channels
- Analysis of your customers by product typology