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Groupe Girard Sudron

Since 2013, Action Marketing has assisted Girard Sudron in the management of its information systems.

Beginning with the necessary adjustments to the implementation of its WEB platform based on Magento, our teams then accompanied the group in the deployment of its new ERP on Odoo, by providing complementary tools to this platform.

To date, WIZAM remains the central application of all Girard Sudron information systems, interconnecting EDI, WEB platforms, ERP, and managing the entire PIM.

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Réalisations récentes

Concept Usine

Concept Factory is a pure E-commerce player present on both the WEB and the marketplace. We have been with him for 8 years, and manage for him the whole of his ERP, by centralizing his orders, his logistic management, the PIM, the SAV, etc.

To date, it is several hundreds of thousands of orders managed, centralized, via WIZAM.


A renowned specialist in the sale of electrical equipment on the Internet, the Action Marketing consultants have been supporting Domomat in its growth over the past four years.
The implementation of WIZAM, in parallel with their Prestashop platform, made it possible to multiply the management of the tens of thousands of references offered on their site, and to optimize the management of orders that can be centralized or deported.
A WIN-WIN relationship reinforced by a renewed confidence.


Present on the WEB, the market place and in retail on Anney, Action Marketing accompanies this expert of the Game of society in its development.
In addition to order management tools, suppliers and products, our consultants deployed a POS (point of sale) module specifically configured for their needs.

Endurance Chrono

Pour gérer les chronos des participants (coureurs, cycliste etc.) nous avons pensé la solution mobile avec notre client, ainsi qu'une interface de résultats pour chaque évènement. Le tout a été pensé pour la mobilité, en direction des tablettes et smartphones.

Avec cette application, Endurance Chrono affirme son poste de précurseur dans le domaine des résultats (en ligne) de course (à pieds, ou vtt)