Managing your product information complete and centralized

Use WIZAM to manage all your technical information, and spread the right information in the right places: Catalog, Website, Marketplace, etc.

Datasheets / Catalogs: automatic creation of your product sheets by support

Automate the creation of datasheets or your product pages (WEB, PDF, etc.)

For simple or complex products, WIZAM makes it possible to manage all of your product information, then to make you the adapted renderings

- Management of information fields and research
- Creation of categories / sub categories of products
- Customization of information fields, multi language
- Ergonomic multi-criteria search engine, with creation of groups / cohorts, static or dynamic
- Tag Management
- Adapting fields to your connected tools: Magento or Prestashop category page for example
- Customizable multi-format export (Excel, CSV, Txt, XML, etc.)
- Inter-connection API

Subprocess your suppliers or simplify the management of product information!

With the Supplier Portal, you delegate the management of your product information, and you follow the changes.

Because entering multiple information and tracking changes / updates products can be tedious, WIZAM offers management solutions and monitoring tailored to your business.

Time-stamped management of your information
- Each update is memorized
- Course management / validation process
- Automatic follow-up and manufacture of certificates of conformity
- Timestamp of standards
- Independent vendor portal for decentralized product management
- Customizable multi-format export (Excel, CSV, Txt, XML, etc.)
- Export data type FAB-DIS, ELDAS, ETIM, GS1
- Inter-connection API